Warming soil

How to build a hot bed

A hot bed is basically a trench filled with organic materials and capped into a mound with top soil. This method was very popular with the Victorians and is one of the most economical and rewarding ways to produce a good crop. You should expect high fertility for at least 4 years or until the mound flattens.

Seeds for your allotment

Buying seeds for your allotment

When looking for an unusual or rare plant seed variety, I tend to either shop on-line or visit a well stocked garden centre. Lately I have been finding that the best place to pick up a bargain is at the weekly car-boot sale.


Drainage problems

The week starting 28th April was pretty much a wash out. My newly prepared plot couldn’t cope with so much rain and as a result about a quarter of it was submerged beneath 14 inches of water.

Frost hardy bedding plants

A Spring start

Many member lost heart over the 6 dreadful weeks of rain last summer and rarely visited their plots leaving many sites to return to boggy, reed infested marshland. Well, now the drainage has been sorted out, new sub-soil laid down and the top soil has been replaced. Only half of the site has been completed to date; the other half has been delayed by the April showers.