Snapdragons – Antirrhinums


The Antirrhinum (Latin: Like-Rhinos-Snout), or Snapdragon as they are commonly named, are incredibly easy to raise and will provide you will lashings of vibrant colour during the summer months. As a child, my father used to grow them from seed year after year. I remember obsessively squeezing the throats of these unusual annual flowers, causing the ‘dragon’s mouth’ to open and shut like a puppet. A good flower to encourage children to ‘get gardening’.

They are not only great for summer displays, but Snapdragons can be used in the winter garden as they will survive low temperatures. They are easy to grow from seed, although may take up to 3 weeks to germinate, so be patient.  They also make for good cut flowers and there skull-like seed heads can add interest in a dry arrangement.

Snapdragons aren’t the most fashionable of flowers, but they come in such a large arrange of colours and forms, there is always a spot for them in any garden.

Growing Snapdragons Successfully

Snapdragons are very easy to grow and prefer a well drained soil and are better suited to the cooler months of the year. They will tolerate a frost or two, but don’t perform so well in the heat of mid summer.

Young plants should be protected against the last frosts of Spring. After they have grown to a height of about 6 inches, pinch out the growth tips to encourage bushier plants. It is also a good idea to dead-head your snapdragon to encourage more flower growth.

To get the most out of your Snapdragons, water on a regular basis and feed with a good organic general fertiliser. Guard against rust and aphid attacks.

Snapdragon Antirrhinums Varieties

Antirrhinum Oriental Delight

T&M have trialled almost every hanging basket Snapdragon to find the best. Antirrhinum Oriental Delight has a glorious pendulous habit ideal for baskets, flowerballs and windowboxes.

Flowers from June until first frosts. Grows 12 inches tall and is great in baskets, containers and windowboxes.

Antirrhinum Eternal

A perennial variety of Snapdragon. Extra special, hardy Snapdragon with candy pink blooms and contrasting variegated foliage.

Antirrhinum Eternal flowered from May until November onwards. Grows 12 inches tall and is fine as a bedding plant, grown in borders and containers.

Antirrhinum pendula multiflora Chinese Lanterns

Trailing variety of Snapdragon. A breeding triumph: cascading Antirrhinums! In a mixture of seven colours, including pure colours and bicolours, the “Snapdragon” flowers are borne on self branching, vigorous plants.

Ideally made for hanging baskets, containers and window boxes. Remove spent flowers regularly to encourage further blooming.

Antirrhinum nanum Peaches & Cream

A superb separate pastel bicolour with cream and peach snapdragons borne on compact, dwarf plants.

Ideal for containers and bedding and will grow only 8 inches tall. Remove spent flowers regularly to encourage further blooming.

Asarina antirrhiniflora Mixed

The very pretty 2.5cm (1in) long snapdragons that will thrive in sun or shade. The “Climbing Snapdragon” comes in shades of red, pink, violet and blue, with speckled creamy lips. This attractive quick-growing half-hardy annual will twine itself around trellises, or creep down from pots. The pale green foliage gives a soft foil for the dainty flowers. Also useful for pots or hanging baskets, flowering from early summer to late winter if protected from frost. Grows to 120-180cm (4-6ft).

Antirrhinum nanum Tequila Sunrise

The first bronze foliaged Antirrhinum mixture from seed! Antirrhinum Tequila Sunrise, a specially formulated blend of Snapdragons all with unique bronze foliage, and a cheerfill colour range encompassing tones of yellow, orange, red and pink. Many free-flowering stems packed with dazzling blooms on bushy plants, have truly outstanding garden performance. These bright flower tones glimmer against the sizzling bronze backdrop, turning your summer displays into a breathtaking carnival of colour. Prefers a sunny position in any garden soil. Flowers summer to the first frost.

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