Hedge & hedging plants – information for allotments

Hedges, Fences and walls can all serve similar purposes – marking and maintaining boundaries, keeping children or pets contained or to provide a greater sense of privacy. It is fair to say we are a little biased! But here are some good reasons for choosing a hedge.Hedges have greater ‘kerbside appeal’ offering beauty and interest in all seasons while softening the lines of buildings making houses look more in keeping with their gardens.

Use a hoe!

I decided to walk the talk and initialise a ‘no-dig’ policy for the rest of my plot. Instead, I have been leisurely ‘hoeing’ the ground since February and the results are amazing.

Cold Frame

Cold frames

A cold frame will protect your young plants from the worst of the cold weather. It would be wise to wait until early May before buying young tender plants.

Sowing seeds - a beginners guide

Sowing seeds in the potting shed

My favourite time of year! The grass is starting to grow, the sun is out more than it is in, flowering bulbs are putting on great displays in our gardens and parks and my hands are dirty with compost from seed sowing. Yes, that time of year is now upon us!