Blueberry top hat

Blueberry Top Hat plants

Blueberries grow best in an acid soil. If you don’t have acid soil, simply plant them in patio containers in ericaceous compost. Featuring Blueberry Top Hat.

Honey berries

Honeyberry – hardy & delicious

Want to grow something completely different this year? The hardy Honeyberry, native to Siberia, taste like blueberries and have a sweet, honey-like aftertaste. High in antioxidants

Autumn soft fruits

Soft fruits for autumn planting

Autumn is a great time to plant soft fruits to get earlier crops for the next year or two. Here are a few suggestions of varieties to try, even if you are limited on space.

Goji Berries

Goji Berry plants

The Goji Berry (of the solanaceous family) has made quite a splash in the news of late, being described as a ‘Super Food’.

Sleeping problems - natural remedies

Sleeping problems – natural remedies

For those of us unlucky enough to suffer from broken sleep, we will think nothing of popping down to the local chemist for a chemical remedy. Well, there is a great natural remedy that any of us can try and produce for free.

Edible weeds - Chickweed

Wild edible weeds

We all love to hate the myriad of wild weeds that grow on our allotment plots and in our gardens, stealing valuable nutrients and crowding and smothering our prize vegetables. But did you know that many of these little invaders can in fact be used to line our precious stomachs?