Composting with worms

In these days of heightened environmental awareness, it is no wonder that more and more of us are making our own compost.

Collecting a good mix of vegetable peelings, egg shells, scraps of cardboard and garden clippings are all of the ingredients needed to create a good mulch, soil conditioner and plant food for your garden.

Composting does take time and a lot of effort to get good results. Rotating waste to produce a good compost takes a lot of discipline, not to mention hard work. However, there is an easier way of making this most valuable garden commodity – Worm Bins.

Composting without a garden

It has been claimed, although I haven’t tried this myself, that you can run a successful worm compost factory away from the back yard, in the comfort of your own home. After all, a worm bin won’t produce anywhere near as much of the stinking liquids that we all associate with composting bins.

You will need to purchase the correct kind of worms for the job. Tiger Worms, Brandlings and Redworms are commonly employed for the job. You can purchase these worms from most fishing tackle shops and you will need about 400 or so.

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