Flowers to sow in July - BellisThe flowery month of July – summer is now in full swing. The days are hot and dry (hopefully!) and all is quite on the sowing bench. Or is it?

There are still plenty of flowering plant seeds to sow during July. Personally, I never grow tired of watching them sprout up and grow into strong plants for the garden.

July is usually considered the hottest month of the year in the UK, so ensure that you give your seedlings a good watering early in the morning, or later in the evening. Watering seedlings during the heat of the day may result in damage, as the sun’s rays are magnified in droplets of water on young leaves. Also, watering plants during the hotter times of the day is wasteful as water will rapidly evaporate, cutting short the supply to your plants.

It is wise to use greenhouse shading mesh which you can buy from any good garden centre – if you’re not using a greenhouse, you can easily wrap and tie the mesh over ticks to provide a protective shade and reduce high temperatures. Or, if you are using a greenhouse to propagate your seedlings, as well as mesh, you can also use shading washes on glass. Don’t forget to leave a door or window open – ventilation is important for the health and survival of you plants.

For Summer Sowing!

  • Bellis (Daisy)
  • Canterbury Bells
  • Helleborus
  • Pansies
  • Violas
  • Sweet Williams
  • Wallflowers

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