Colourful flowers - PetuniasIn my mind, there is only one remedy for the stresses and uncertainties of these times – a good old fashion overdose of colour in your summer garden.

Warning: Badly thought out colour mix combinations may induce feelings of nausea. Believe me, I’ve tried it!!!

Okay, I will leave the colour harmonies in your capable hands. The following is a list of flowering plants that will guarantee not only long lasting displays, but also lashing of colour to delight the senses.

Cool Garden – Blue & purple flowers

  1. Ageratum – Blue Danube – Very deep glowing blue!
  2. Campanula – Pyramidalis – One of the most striking perennials for the border or patio containers. Giant, slender spikes of blooms reach skywards, in shades of blue and white. Plant in containers either side of your front door for a colourful box or bay tree substitute!
  3. Candytuft – Confetti Mixed – Looks great intermingled through mixed flower borders
  4. Fuchsia – Amethyst Beauty – Fuchsia Amethyst Beauty has aubergine-coloured blooms and a great semi-trailing habit.
  5. Geranium (Hardy) – Birch’s Double – Vigorous and easy to grow, a delightful cottage garden favourites.
  6. Lisianthus – Blue Lagoon – Lisianthus are much sought after by floral artists alike.
  7. Lobelia – Kathleen Mallard – The ultimate plant for hanging baskets and containers – as grown by the Victorians!
  8. Osteospermum – Passion Mixed – For borders and containers, they make a passionate carpet of summer colour.
  9. Petunia – Blue Daddy – Large 10cm blooms of silver-blue with violet veins, flowering earlier than many other varieties. Superb garden performance, looking great in all types of container and baskets.
  10. Petunia – Priscilla – Mauve petals deeply scrolled to form a stunning double head.
  11. Sweet Pea – Floral Tribute

Warm Garden – Red, orange & yellow flowers

  1. Antirrhinum – (Snapdragon) Madame Butterfly – Double the flowers, double the beauty!
  2. Begonia – Apricot Shades – A personal favourite of mine. Fill your hanging baskets and patio pots with their radiant sunshine shades.
  3. Begonia – Cascading ‘Fireball’ – Fiery red, gold and bronze shades from July until the first frosts.
  4. Begonia – Inferno – Possibly the brightest begonia ever!
  5. Begonia – Nonstop Mocca – Produce fully double flowers in a mixture of five vibrant colours, contrasting against dark foliage.
  6. Bidens – Gold Star – Produces so many flowers, you might get sick of it! A cheerful accent of yellow.
  7. Busy Lizzie – Carousel – Lots of miniature rose-like flowers in a comprehensive range of bright, clean, warm colours.
  8. Gazania – Tiger Stripes – A stunning blend of striped flowers, in shades of yellow, rose, bronze and cream – truly ‘shocking’!
  9. Geranium – Nikolas – Masses of colour from the giant flower heads of this amazing giant Geranium.
  10. Ornithogalum – Rise and Shine – Light up your spring garden with the star-shaped flowers in luminous shades of yellow and orange.
  11. Rudbeckia – Cherry Brandy – Attractive, cherry-coloured blooms all summer long.
  12. Rudbeckia – Cherokee Sunset – A spectacular range of colours of fully double to semi-double Rudbeckia, with large 3-4in blooms.
  13. Salvia – Blaze of Fire – Do not adjust your monitor – day-glow red will shimmer and play with your eyes all summer!

Bright & tasteful – Flowers in white or with stripes

  1. Bidens – Lemon Star – The first bi-colour Bidens variety. Bushy plant with hundreds of flowers throughout the summer.
  2. Busy Lizzie Tutu – Attractive bright red double and semi-double flowers highlighted with striking patches of brilliant white
  3. Coreopsis – Jive – The blooms dance and sway in the breeze, perched upon delicate grassy stems.
  4. Ivy Geranium – Happy Face Mex – New ivy-leaved geranium Happy Face Mex lifts the spirits with its bright and cheerful florets borne on shiny foliage.

Rainbow – Multi-coloured flowers (mixes)

  1. Begonia – Illumination Mix – An outstanding basket begonia with masses of flowers come rain or shine.
  2. Begonia – Lotto – Flamboyant blooms in a sumptuous mix of colours make a show-stopping display.
  3. Busy Lizzy – Accent Mixed – Vigorous, versatile and floriferous. A bold splash of colour all through the summer and well into autumn.
  4. Calibrachoa – (Mini Petunias) Mini Famous – Produces more than 500 blooms per plant through the season.
  5. Geranium ‘Skyrocket’ – Climbing Habit. Five of the brightest colours you’ve ever seen, set against green foliage.
  6. Geranium – Jackpot – A bright mix of colours for this tough. Century-type Geranium.
  7. Mimulus – Mystic Mix – Produces masses of very colourful, eye-catching orchid-like blooms.
  8. Nicotiana – Eau de Cologne – A glowing colour range of up-facing blooms.
  9. Petunia – Frenzy Mixed – Break out the riot shields! A blend of 20 different types of petunia flowers.
  10. Petunia – Colour Parade – A very special mixture with over 20 different types of large flower.
  11. Salpiglossis – Royale Mixed – Sumptuous gold braid the exquisite veining overlays rich, velvety hues, providing a shimmering display like no other summer bedding plant.
  12. Senetti – Unique patio plant, with a mouthwatering range of bright colours.
  13. Vinca – Mediterranean Mixed – Easy to grow and drought tolerant. Perfect for hanging baskets.
  14. Viola – Friolina Mixed – exciting series of exceptionally trailing, multi-flowering violas that are perfect for colour and perfume all summer long. 100’s of flowers per plant!


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