Growing CannaThere are few plants that can boast more of a tropical appearance than very fashionable Canna (or Canna Lily as it is often called).  This tropical American half-hardy herbaceous Perennial plant is a distant relative to the banana and strelitzia. This relationship can clearly be seen in the large and amazing, paddle-shaped leaves.

I love the Canna’s leaves, but they pale into insignificance beneath the flower. Similar in appearance to a gladioli or day lily, they unfurl a few leaves at a time from a clustered spike above the plant’s on a long, sturdy stem.

Cannas are easy to grow and ideal for border or large pots. Prefers a well-drained soil. They will flower from June onward and provide an excellent addition to any tropical themed garden.

Are Cannas Frost Hardy?

Not even in the slightest. At the mere mention of frost, cut back to ground level and uproot your Cannas and place in a frost free environment. Pot them up in the early March.

Canna Diseases

Canna Yellow Mottle & Bean Yellow Mosaic are becoming increasingly more common, causing yellow spots to appear on leaves. Weaker plants with these conditions should be discarded, but stronger plants may recover in time. To minimise the risk of disease, it’s a good idea to grow Canna’s in small clumps or as single plants in mixed displays.

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