Not everyone is blessed with a south facing garden. Portions of our outdoor spaces may be either north facing and in shade all year round, or have sunlight blocking, tree cover. But what on earth can we grow in the darker areas of our garden? This article lists some of the best flowering plants to grow in hanging baskets for areas of shade.

Believe it or not; there are plenty of plants that have a preference for shade. Plants that are accustomed to woodland environments where sunlight is mottled to non-existent can thrive perfectly well against a north facing wall.

TRAILING & bushy PLANTS for a north facing garden

The following is a list of plants that will add colour to hanging baskets in shaded areas of the garden. Such plants will require a little less watering than hanging basket plants at the mercy of the summer sun. Some of the following plants will happily tolerate heavy shade. Others, will not do as well and prefer partial shade.

Heavy Shade loving plants

For heavy shade, there are limitations. It is better to aid for high impact foliage, as opposed to flowers.

Partial Shade loving plants

Shady areas that get some sunlight can afford much more colour.

If you are looking for other plants to fill your baskets, then I think you cannot go far wrong with Begonias and Ivy Geraniums. And there are so many other plants to choose from. If you have any suggestions, please to add them to the comments below. I would love to hear your success stories with growing hanging basket plants in shade.

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  1. Fox

    Thank you for listing those that are tolerant of heavy shade. I am hopeful we can now set a hanging basket in a very shady spot.

  2. James Middleton

    You’re welcome. Let me know how you get on.

  3. Elizabeth

    Hi James, you have accurately described my new home. I’m off to buy shade plants now. Thankyou. Elizabeth

  4. James Middleton

    Thanks Elizabeth. Let me know how you get on. I would love to see images of your garden once it is in full bloom.

  5. Ann JACKSON

    We have dug out an ancient wooden step ladder (very trendy now) from the depths of the garage and intend to put pots of trailing plants on it. The corner is east facing so has brilliant sunshine for a few,hours before being in the shade for most of the day. Looking forward to planting some of your suggestions.

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