Hanging baskets for shaded areas - ImpatiensI haven’t written much about my new home in the town of Dawlish, South Devon; my wife, two sons and I moved into a small two-bed rental two months ago. The back garden isn’t big, although a great improvement (in size) on Rose Cottage, our former residence in North Warwickshire. It is south facing, so gets plenty of warm Devon sunlight throughout the day. However, where there’s a South facing back, there is also a North facing front. What do you do with such a space? There are plenty of plants that have a preference for shade; plants that are accustomed to woodland environments where sunlight is mottled to non-existent.

A solution for a north facing front garden

There are several hooks around the doorway screaming out for hanging baskets, so here is a list of plants that will thrive in hanging baskets in shaded areas of my new garden. Such plants will add colour, be a surprise in what is currently a dull spot, and will require a little less watering than hanging basket plants at the mercy of the summer sun.

Trailing plants for shade

Some of the following plants will happily tolerate shade and not do quite as well as they would in full sun or partial shade. Others will absolute thrive in full shade.

Heavy Shade

  • Trailing Violas
  • Begonia Inferno
  • Trailing Begonia
  • Impatiens
  • Coleus

Partial Shade

  • Pansy
  • Ivy Geranium
  • Fuchsia
  • Calceolaria
  • Catharanthus roseus
  • Lobelia erinus
  • Mimulus
  • Diascia
  • Bacopa
  • Dichondra argentea

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