Long flowering - ViolasWinter is near upon us. I don’t think that it is too early to start planning what flowering plants you will be planting in your garden next year. Many varieties require sowing as early as February and I think a little forward thinking will make for the best results.

We all want to get the most out of the garden, so here are a few annual and Perennial plants that will provide you with many, many weeks of colour and great value for money.

Astrantia major

This well loved and respected hardy perennial plant produces swathes of paper-like pincushion flowers in shades based varying from red, pink to white. A real ‘keep and share’ plant and makes a great cut flower.


I’ve always loved growing annual Geraniums in my garden. They produce such an amazing and continual display and are very reliable and weather tolerant. They should flower pretty much all summer until the first hard frosts.


Last summer I grew a single Bidens plant in one of my wall-mounted troughs. I must say, it totally upstaged all of the other annuals flowers in the display! It flowered non-stop from May through to October. Bidens are very easy to grow annuals.

Pansies & Violas

Who could doubt this robust plant’s ability to provide a long period of colour? One of my personal favourites for adding colour to a garden. They are tough (perennial if trimmed occasional), and great for getting children involve in the garden.

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