The Middleton Family
The Middleton Family (Before birth of 2nd son)

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James Middleton – The Allotmenteer

This site is entirely free to use. is a platform to express my personal interest in anything gardening and generate a little income, so that one day my dream of running an eco-friendly small-holding will become a reality.

The site is supported via advertising campaigns – Adsense (Pay per click), Amazon (Commission on sale) and Affiliate Window (Commission on sale).

Does this compromise the content of this site?

No. All posts are written first and then affiliate adverts are searched for and attached (when available) to support the further development of new content and cover server costs.

James Middleton’s Lifestyle

Since an early age, I have always loved gardening. Although as a professional web designer, developer, imaging specialist (Adobe Photoshop) and new media lecturer by trade, you would expecting me to be a gadget and computer type – far from it. I have no desire to own the latest ‘tech’, a fast car, big house, holidays abroad, etc or any other thing other than to care for a few acres of land (one day). I see everything else as clutter and an obstacle to achieving this goal. I don’t critise others for wanting these things, they just don’t bring me happiness. I prefer a simple life.

I am greived by the manner in which we treat this precious environment that we’ve been given the privilege to call home. I live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world (United Kingdom), yet we’re slowly carving away at it’s natural beauty; green-belt housing and road developments, the removal of natural hedgerows, the heavy use of heavy-handed and harmful chemical agents in agriculture, the list goes on…

It is my hope one day to do my bit, be it small; to impose as little an impact on the environment as possible and contribute as much as I can to encourage a sustainable reversion to a wholly natural way of life. For the greater benefit of my neighbours, my wife and two sons and myself – not forgetting Finley, my Labrador-cross.

“The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof” – Psalm 24:1