Sleeping problems - natural remedies

The natural way to a good night’s sleep

For those of us unlucky enough to suffer from broken sleep, we will think nothing of popping down to the local chemist for a chemical remedy. Well, there is a great natural remedy that any of us can try and produce for free.

Hops & lavender

For many centuries, hops have been known to have a sedative effect on anyone who comes into contact with their sticky, bittersweet scented flowers. In fact, hop-pickers were often caught ‘sleeping on the job’ and as a result, some believed that hops were somewhat hazardous. Of course, they are not, but we can easily harness the positive effects of the plant to aid a good nights sleep. The great news is, hops are very easy to grow and require very little care.

The ‘sleep pillow’

Pick hop flowers when they are in full bloom and hang them up to dry for a few weeks. Then cut the flowers and add a ‘sweetener’ to the remedy by including a few sprigs of lavender. Tie them up in a square of netting to form a ‘posit’.

Another good reason for adding Lavender; it is a known relaxant so not only will it take away from the hops, the heady bear-like bitterness, but will increase its effectiveness. Place the posit into your pillow case and… ‘sweet dreams’.

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James Middleton

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