Now that the warmer days have past, you will probably wonder now what to do next in and around the garden. Autumn is a great time to plant soft fruits to get earlier crops for the next year or two. Here are a few suggestions of varieties to try, even if you are limited on space.


The ‘super-fruit’ Blueberry is pack full of health-boosting compounds, tastes great and are easy to grow. They can be planted in a tub or border. Plants will produce a fine crop from July to September year after year and will also look good – especially this time of year, as the leaves turn crimson. The heather-like white flowers are also scented making the blueberry a great addition to any part of your garden. I personally keep mine in large clay pots and place them in my flower borders for a little architectural interest.

Goji Berries

Another ‘Super-fruit’. Chock-full of vitamin C, Goji berries are extremely easy to grow, drought resistant and will give a continuous supply of delicious fruits. I have planted my Goji within and against a hedge to allow it to stretch and fill and provide plenty of colour and interest in my garden. Like Blueberries, the Goji will look superb at home or away from the vegetable garden as it offers plenty of visual appeal.


Who can say they don’t like strawberries? One of mine childhood favourites. Can be grown in the veg garden under cloches, raised beds, in tubs or even in hanging baskets and window boxes and will taste many times better than the commercial varieties. Many varieties (perpetual strawberries) will produce fruit from June through to October! I can’t keep my 3-year-old son away from them. For maximum results, grow them in a sunny, but sheltered part of your garden.

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