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Grow your own Рwhy bother? [An Exposé]

Improve you health and happiness levels by growing your own vegetables on your allotment plot this year.

Baking soda – Organic mildew treatment – courgettes, pumpkins & cucumbers

Get on top of that powdery mildew from your squashes with a simple and organic solution that you are bound to have in your kitchen cupboard.

Nettle feed – free organic fertiliser [how to guide]

You hate nettles, but love healthy vegetables and flowers. Right? While stinging nettles do so well, your beloved¬†garden plants require effort. Not fair! There is a solution to this problem: Convert those nettles into free garden fertiliser. Useful stinging nettles… Continue Reading →

Does copper tape really stop slugs & snails?

I have decided to give copper tape a go as a method of slug control this year. Here are my findings so far from March to late June in my garden.

Lining hanging baskets on a budget

You don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive hanging basket liners. With a little creativity, you can save a money and create and impressive display in your garden.

Three sisters vegetable gardening

An ancient and highly successful way of growing vegetables. The three sisters garden scheme is a balanced and attractive method that everyone must try.

Growing vegetables in a small garden

Here are just a few suggestions of varieties of vegetables that you can easily grow in a small garden.

Garden flowers for bees

Bees are in decline in most countries around the world. As gardeners, what flowers can we grow to encourage these important insects?

Wild flower garden from seed

Growing wild flowers on barren patch of ground can be fruitful. A list of great annuals and perenial plants to grow from seed in your wild flower garden.

Wildlife garden

Sadenned by the destruction of the UK’s natural habits? Here are just a few methods for encouraging more wildlife into your garden.

Warming soil – The hot-bed method

What’s the best method for warming soil? The temperature of soil is an important factor for yielding a productive and early crop. Warm soil will speed up the growing process and give you a head start this Spring.

Sedums – low maintenance plants

For low maintenance, easy growers – you can’t beat Sedums. A few ideas for growing these succulent perennial plants.

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