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Small garden vegetables

Here are some vegetable selections that you might want to try if you want to use the space in your garden sparingly

Lining hanging baskets on a budget

You don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive hanging basket liners. With a little creativity, you can save a money and create and impressive display in your garden.

Hanging baskets for areas of shade

It’s not easy trying to apply a little colour to shaded areas in your garden, but you can with this selection of hanging basket plants.

Fragrant flower garden – sweet scented collection

A list of fragrant flowers for your garden. Scented plants for hanging baskets, trellis and pagodas, borders and pots.

Looking after a Pitcher plant

A rough guide to looking after a Pitcher plant, the carnivorous houseplant. Guide includes, living conditions, feeding and repotting.

Top 5 Winter hanging basket plants

There is plenty of scope for growing colourful favourites in your winter hanging baskets, such as Pansy and Violas and Hedras. Here are just a few you could try

Garden irrigation systems

When most people think of irrigation they think of giant industrial sprinklers in fields and, yes, these can be complex and expensive. But now irrigation system manufacturers have recognised that most people just want to take the hassle out of watering their garden, hanging baskets or greenhouse through a cheap, easy-to-use and efficient irrigation system.

Hanging baskets from seed

This bundled collection of seeds offers superb variety and value for anybody interesting in growing plants suitable for hanging baskets on a budget

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