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Grow your own Рwhy bother? [An Expos̩]

Improve you health and happiness levels by growing your own vegetables on your allotment plot this year.

Potato Blight: Organic control methods

Organic methods for avoiding the dreaded potato blight which will turn your potatoes into a black mush unless quick treatment.

Mildew resistant Courgettes varieties

Courgette can take a real hammering from powdery mildew. Here are a few resistant varieties and methods for minimising infection.

Growing Runner Beans [how-to guide]

An organic guide for growing runner beans in any size garden. How to get the most out of your crop and recommended bean varieties.

Small garden vegetables

Here are some vegetable selections that you might want to try if you want to use the space in your garden sparingly

Waltons polycarbonate greenhouse review (UK)

James Middleton’s review of an excellent and affordable polycarbonate greenhouse from Waltons.

Growing Courgettes

A growers guide to courgettes: Courgettes are very easy to grow and will provide you will a good, sustained crop throughout the summer months.

A guide to chitting & growing Potatoes

A complete guide to chitting & growing potatoes and getting the most out of your crop

Guide to seed Potato varieties

An allotment or vegetable patch would simply not be complete without a run of potatoes. With so many varieties to choose from, it’s a good idea to do a little research to find the best suited for your garden.

Autumn Onion sets

Autumn is not too late to plant your early onion sets. From September right through to December, planting now will result a strong overwintered crop in May to July.

Vegetables seeds to sow during July

Here are a few tips and a list of vegetable seeds to try during July. Fill those wasteful gaps on your allotment this summer!

Vegetable seeds to sow in June

June offers plenty of opportunities to fill those empty spots on the allotment. Here is a list of vegetable seeds to sow during June.

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