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The importance of good quality cheap topsoil

Grow plants and vegetation in your garden? Remember that good topsoil means good growing. For plants to thrive – topsoil is essential.

Flowers for a dry garden

Growing flowers in a dry garden can be a real challenge. Here is a list of drought resistant flowering plants.

Container gardening

There are many benefits to growing your plants in containers. This article will look at some of the advantages of Container Gardening and some of the best plants to try in pots, tubs and troughs.

Wild flower garden from seed

Growing wild flowers on barren patch of ground can be fruitful. A list of great annuals and perenial plants to grow from seed in your wild flower garden.

Sedums – low maintenance plants

For low maintenance, easy growers – you can’t beat Sedums. A few ideas for growing these succulent perennial plants.

Worms Bins

In these days of heightened environmental awareness, it is no wonder that more and more of us are making our own compost. Worm Bins – perfect for the small or non-existent garden.

Planting success in problem areas in your garden

My soil is poor and incredible dry at all times in the year. Using this gardening method, I can add so much colour to what was once and unyielding patch of ground.

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