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Sowing seeds – A beginner’s guide

A simple guide to sowing seeds with the absolute beginner in mind. You don’t need green fingers, just follow these steps.

Succulents – Getting the most out of a dry garden

Growing succulents in your garden can be extremely rewarding. Easy to grow, propagate and these plants will thrive in places where others wilt.

Growing Helleborus from seed

Winter flowering Helleborus are surprisingly easy to grow from seed. A highly rewarding long flowering perennial – attractive in the garden all year round.

How to take hardwood cuttings

A complete guide on taking hardwood cuttings from your favourite shrubs and trees. How to raise each cutting and get a better yield.

Dahlias – How to overwinter within the UK

Dahlia are tender perennials and must be protected from hard frosts. Here is a guide to storing Dahlia tubers during the coldest winter months and an answer to the question: can you leave dahlias in the ground over winter?

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