Eco-friendly products and ideas for your garden or allotment plot.

Lining hanging baskets on a budget
Eco hanging basket liner made from Pampass grass

Lining hanging baskets on a budget

You don't have to spend a fortune on expensive hanging basket liners. With a little creativity, you can save a money and create and impressive display in your garden.

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Wild flower garden from seed

Growing wild flowers on barren patch of ground can be fruitful. A list of great annuals and perenial plants to grow from seed in your wild flower garden.

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Snail predator Song Thrush & the UK
Song Thrust

Snail predator Song Thrush & the UK

Encouraging more wildlife into our gardens can't be a bad thing. Many species of birds, including the song thrush, insects and other animals will happily devour many of the pests that we usually radicate using pesticedes and other nasties.

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Wildlife garden

Sadenned by the destruction of the UK's natural habits? Here are just a few methods for encouraging more wildlife into your garden.

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Worms Bins
Earth Worm

Worms Bins

In these days of heightened environmental awareness, it is no wonder that more and more of us are making our own compost. Worm Bins - perfect for the small or non-existent garden.

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Garden irrigation systems

When most people think of irrigation they think of giant industrial sprinklers in fields and, yes, these can be complex and expensive. But now irrigation system manufacturers have recognised that most people just want to take the hassle out of watering their garden, hanging baskets or greenhouse through a cheap, easy-to-use and efficient irrigation system.

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Composting with worms

You have no-doubt heard of the benefits of using earth worms to help break down green waste and convert it to superb compost. Worms are great allies for the gardener - in fact, if all worms on the planet died (as with bees), life as we know it would cease.

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Quick & easy composting

You can never have too much compost. Organic materials mixed into your soil will improve structure, balance drainage and increase nutrients. Bacteria and other friendly soil dwelling creatures such as earth worms will also benefit from compost as a mulch (left on the surface), or partially dug-in.

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