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Eco-friendly products and ideas for your garden or allotment plot.

Organic slug & snail treatment

Unfortunately, here in the UK our mild damp climate offers the perfect breading ground for every gardener’s worst enemy – slugs and snails. Our winters are far to soft on these tiny mollusc’s and our springs and autumns, far too damp. Slugs and snails are intolerant of dry conditions and prefer to move about on damp and sticky surfaces, so is it any wonder that a night of rain during dry spells is both a blessing and a curse.

How to build a hot bed

A hot bed is basically a trench filled with organic materials and capped into a mound with top soil. This method was very popular with the Victorians and is one of the most economical and rewarding ways to produce a good crop. You should expect high fertility for at least 4 years or until the mound flattens.

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