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Colourful plants to add colour to your home.

Orchids (Phalaenopsis): Care 5 Step Guide

Getting the most out of your Phalaenopis orchid plants. Orchid care: make your orchid bloom all year. Repotting and fertilizer advice.

Growing Streptocarpus plants (Cape Primrose)

The streptocarpus, or Cape Primrose is an excellent addition to any windowsil or conservatory. It will provide plenty of orchid-like flowers for much of the year and is easy to grow.

Looking after a Pitcher plant

A rough guide to looking after a Pitcher plant, the carnivorous houseplant. Guide includes, living conditions, feeding and repotting.

Looking after Orchids

The Phalaenopsis is by far the most common orchid available and also one of the toughest. Advice on looking after your orchid and getting the most out of it.

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