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Recommended shrubs and trees for all garden aspects

Hardy Hibiscus for the UK garden!

The hardy hibiscus really is a reliable shrub for growing in the UK. It will be a talking point for your neighbours as well as add a splash of the tropics to your garden.

Scented evergreen climbers

Recently, I needed to cover a trellis to the front of my property. Wanting privacy and increase appeal, I wrote a list of scented evergreen climbers.

When to prune Weigela

Beautiful garden shrubs: Weigela. Variegated foliage and masses of foxglove flowers in shades from red to white.

Looking after your Passion Flower

A quick guide to growing, pruning and feeding Passiflora caerulea. An introduction to other varieties of the Passion Flower

How to properly prune fruit trees

Fruit laden trees are a welcome sight in any garden. Pruning your fruit tree is one sure way to keep it healthy, looking great and producing an excellent yeild, year after year.

Growing a fig tree in the UK

For the past five years, I have been caring for a wonderful fig tree (Brown Turkey) in my south-westerly facing courtyard garden in a 12inch pot.

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