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The importance of good quality cheap topsoil

Grow plants and vegetation in your garden? Remember that good topsoil means good growing. For plants to thrive – topsoil is essential.

Good topsoil

By James Clayton

When you’re trying to grow plants and vegetation in your garden you should remember that good topsoil means good growing. If you want your plants to thrive then topsoil is all but essential. If you’re one of the lucky ones your garden has enough natural quantities of topsoil. However, most of us will have to buy our topsoil from producers. As much as you want your plants to thrive, you don’t want it to cost you and arm and a leg but luckily good quality cheap topsoil is available on the high street and online.

What is topsoil?

Topsoil is the top layer of soil that covers the ground. There can be as much as 8 inches to as little as 2 inches, in terms of plants the more the better. Plants usually have most of their roots in this part of the soil as it contains the highest concentration of nutrients the plant needs to survive. Good quality topsoil can also retain a lot of water, again just what a plant needs to grow and thrive.

How does it help?

As stated above topsoil gives a plant everything it could ever need and is by far the most effective material to grow any type of plant life in. It is far easier for the plant to take root and grow in topsoil than it is for it to grow in a soil that is of a sandier or rockier quality. All topsoil, including cheap topsoil can be altered to suit any variety of plant. Different types of fertilisers and compost can be used to alter the topsoil to suit your needs. The PH of the soil can be altered as well to suit the optimum acid or alkali concentration a plant needs.

What is it made out of?

There are many different mixtures and varieties of topsoil available. Some are concocted especially for house plants whilst others are designed for outside plants or vegetables. Many suppliers will give you advice on which of their products are suited for your needs and help your plants grow effectively. Obviously any gardener is looking for cheap topsoil that doesn’t skimp on the quality and many suppliers offer premium quality at reasonable rates.

What makes good topsoil?

The two most important qualities to look out for when shopping for cheap topsoil is nutrient content and structure. Nutrient content ensures that the topsoil is as fertile as possible and that your plants get the minerals they need. Structure ensures that the topsoil retains water and acts as a good base for your plants to take root.

When you get good quality topsoil the results are obvious and every type of plant life from trees to vegetables to flowers benefit massively. Professional gardeners always ensure that their plants have good access to topsoil and if you have an amateur interest than good topsoil is one of the most effective ways to improve your garden. If you can get cheap topsoil then even better. No matter how rare the breeds or species every plant needs good topsoil and every gardener needs topsoil to be the ideal base for their garden.

By James Middleton

An obsessive gardener since 1982. Day-time job - web designer and developer and University lecturer.

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