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Overwintering Begonias in the UK – Frost Free Guide

A complete guide to storing and overwintering begonia tubers in the UK. Get the best results out of your tender tuber and fibrous rooted begonias, potted and bedding varieties.

Planting success in problem areas in your garden

My soil is poor and incredible dry at all times in the year. Using this gardening method, I can add so much colour to what was once and unyielding patch of ground.

Use a hoe!

I decided to walk the talk and initialise a ‘no-dig’ policy for the rest of my plot. Instead, I have been leisurely ‘hoeing’ the ground since February and the results are amazing.

8 allotment tips

The following allotment and gardening tips are in no particular order. They cover little things that I have discovered along the way that help save time, money, effort and heart-break on my allotment.

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