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Grow your own vegetables – offering advice and tips on everything organic allotment gardening.

Guide to seed Potato varieties

An allotment or vegetable patch would simply not be complete without a run of potatoes. With so many varieties to choose from, it’s a good idea to do a little research to find the best suited for your garden.

Autumn Onion sets

Autumn is not too late to plant your early onion sets. From September right through to December, planting now will result a strong overwintered crop in May to July.

Three sisters vegetable gardening

An ancient and highly successful way of growing vegetables. The three sisters garden scheme is a balanced and attractive method that everyone must try.

Growing vegetables in a small garden

Here are just a few suggestions of varieties of vegetables that you can easily grow in a small garden.

Tomato blight – How to prevent

Tomato Blight is becoming increasingly common in the allotment garden, how do we prevent it from effecting our tomatoes and potatoes?

Virus resistant courgette seeds

What can be rewarding than the humble Courgette? Now, it’s even easier to grow, thanks to the virus resistant Courgette Defender F1 hybrid.

Easiest vegetables to grow UK for beginners

A list of easy to grow vegetables for the allotment, raised beds or pots – A guide and list of┬áthe easiest vegetables to grow UK for the absolute beginner.

Companion planting: Garden plants & vegetables

When we move into a new house and plan our garden layout or start a fresh with an existing plot, we will say to ourselves; ‘flowers here, lawn there and vegetables over in that corner there’. Well, why not mix things up a little.

Growing onions from seed

Since ancient times, they have been used for medicinal application. They are antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-asthmatic, can lower blood pressure/cholesterol and are rich in vitamin C and A.

Harvesting Potatoes

Just because I messed up this season, doesn’t mean you have to make a mess of harvesting potatoes later this year!

Growing melons UK! How to guide

Growing large, sweet melons in the UK without the use of a greenhouse. A quick and cheap way of growing Honeydew melons in your own garden this summer.

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