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A guide to chitting & growing Potatoes

A complete guide to chitting & growing potatoes and getting the most out of your crop

Container gardening

There are many benefits to growing your plants in containers. This article will look at some of the advantages of Container Gardening and some of the best plants to try in pots, tubs and troughs.

Three sisters vegetable gardening

An ancient and highly successful way of growing vegetables. The three sisters garden scheme is a balanced and attractive method that everyone must try.

Vegetables seeds to sow during July

Here are a few tips and a list of vegetable seeds to try during July. Fill those wasteful gaps on your allotment this summer!

Flower seeds to sow in July

July is not a month to be sitting on your laurels! Here is a list of seeds to sow and some practical advice to get the most out of your seedlings during this summer month.

Growing vegetables in a small garden

Here are just a few suggestions of varieties of vegetables that you can easily grow in a small garden.

Vegetable seeds to sow in June

June offers plenty of opportunities to fill those empty spots on the allotment. Here is a list of vegetable seeds to sow during June.

How to properly prune fruit trees

Fruit laden trees are a welcome sight in any garden. Pruning your fruit tree is one sure way to keep it healthy, looking great and producing an excellent yeild, year after year.

Tomato blight – How to prevent

Tomato Blight is becoming increasingly common in the allotment garden, how do we prevent it from effecting our tomatoes and potatoes?

Plants for a small garden

Finding plants to suit a small garden can be a challenge. Here is a list of colourful plants and vegetables that you might want to try in your own garden.

Warming soil – The hot-bed method

What’s the best method for warming soil? The temperature of soil is an important factor for yielding a productive and early crop. Warm soil will speed up the growing process and give you a head start this Spring.

Garden irrigation systems

When most people think of irrigation they think of giant industrial sprinklers in fields and, yes, these can be complex and expensive. But now irrigation system manufacturers have recognised that most people just want to take the hassle out of watering their garden, hanging baskets or greenhouse through a cheap, easy-to-use and efficient irrigation system.

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