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Best foods crops to grow – getting through the Covid-19 lockdown

A guide to growing quick and easy vegetables during the Cov-19 lock-down. Make the most of your ve garden or window box. Also – how to store your vegetables.

Non-toxic plants for baby & pica friendly gardening

A long list of non-toxic plants to grow in your garden and on your windowsill. Keep your babies and children safe this summer.

Weird & attractive vegetables to grow this year

An usual assortment of great tasting and nutritious vegetables that will also make great additions to the ornamental border as well as the dinner plate!

Grow your own Рwhy bother? [An Expos̩]

Improve you health and happiness levels by growing your own vegetables on your allotment plot this year.

Mushrooms kits – log dowels

There are so many dowel kits to choose from – buying exotic mushrooms can be expensive, but it’s easy to grow them from your own back garden in logs.

Growing hardy figs in the UK

Here in the UK, Fig trees can survive temperatures as low as -10C, produce bountiful crops of highly nutritious fruit and look great as a focal point in any sized garden.

Growing Courgettes

A growers guide to courgettes: Courgettes are very easy to grow and will provide you will a good, sustained crop throughout the summer months.

Three sisters vegetable gardening

An ancient and highly successful way of growing vegetables. The three sisters garden scheme is a balanced and attractive method that everyone must try.

Vegetable seeds to sow in June

June offers plenty of opportunities to fill those empty spots on the allotment. Here is a list of vegetable seeds to sow during June.

Virus resistant courgette seeds

What can be rewarding than the humble Courgette? Now, it’s even easier to grow, thanks to the virus resistant Courgette Defender F1 hybrid.

Hayfever Reliever – Allergy treatment that actually works!

For my entire life I have suffered with hay-fever. I have tried everything. Now, for the first time in my life, have a summer free from sneezes. Red light therapy, Allergy Reliever review.

Growing a fig tree in the UK

For the past five years, I have been caring for a wonderful fig tree (Brown Turkey) in my south-westerly facing courtyard garden in a 12inch pot.

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