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Does copper tape really stop slugs & snails?

I have decided to give copper tape a go as a method of slug control this year. Here are my findings so far from March to late June in my garden.

Snail predator Song Thrush & the UK

Encouraging more wildlife into our gardens can’t be a bad thing. Many species of birds, including the song thrush, insects and other animals will happily devour many of the pests that we usually radicate using pesticedes and other nasties.

Organic Herbicides & Pesticides [100% Organic]

We are all becoming increasingly worried about the effects of the agricultural chemicals on our food crops. Here are some natural solutions.

Organic slug & snail treatment

Unfortunately, here in the UK our mild damp climate offers the perfect breading ground for every gardener’s worst enemy – slugs and snails. Our winters are far to soft on these tiny mollusc’s and our springs and autumns, far too damp. Slugs and snails are intolerant of dry conditions and prefer to move about on damp and sticky surfaces, so is it any wonder that a night of rain during dry spells is both a blessing and a curse.

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