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Grow your own Рwhy bother? [An Expos̩]

Improve you health and happiness levels by growing your own vegetables on your allotment plot this year.

The importance of good quality cheap topsoil

Grow plants and vegetation in your garden? Remember that good topsoil means good growing. For plants to thrive – topsoil is essential.

Flowers for a dry garden

Growing flowers in a dry garden can be a real challenge. Here is a list of drought resistant flowering plants.

Garden flowers for bees

Bees are in decline in most countries around the world. As gardeners, what flowers can we grow to encourage these important insects?

Wild flower garden from seed

Growing wild flowers on barren patch of ground can be fruitful. A list of great annuals and perenial plants to grow from seed in your wild flower garden.

Snail predator Song Thrush & the UK

Encouraging more wildlife into our gardens can’t be a bad thing. Many species of birds, including the song thrush, insects and other animals will happily devour many of the pests that we usually radicate using pesticedes and other nasties.

Wildlife garden

Sadenned by the destruction of the UK’s natural habits? Here are just a few methods for encouraging more wildlife into your garden.

British wild flowers

Many of our most loved British wild flowers are under threat due to modern farming practises (pesticides, fertiliser, hedgerow removal), housing development, poor management of our countryside and the explosion in decking, driveways and brick paving. So, should we care less?

Bug box for bees, ladybirds & lacewings

In order to win the battle of the pest, we need to become a regular ‘Bill Oddie’. Build a bug a home.

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