The Cape Primrose – Streptocarpus

Streptocarpus, is more commonly known as the Cape Primrose and is (rather surprisingly)  a relative of the African Violet (Saintpaulia). This fast-growing herbaceous perennial, native of South Africa, offers plenty of interest for much of the year. The orchid-like flowers of the Streptocarpus are available in a wide rainbow of colours. Varieties can be collected in pink, blue, red, purple and white.

I have found this plant to be generally trouble-free and easy to propagate with division or leaf cuttings. If you keep your Cape Primrose well fed (high potash feed), re-pot from time to time and remove any dead leaves and flower heads, it may flower for much of the year.

Warning: Growing Streptocarpus can become a bit of an obsession. You will want every flower shape and shade on the market!

Streptocarpus – Windowsill Magic

A striking mixture of purples, blues and pink veined throats. These new Cape Primrose F1 hybrids have been specially selected for their exotic long-lasting flowers in summer and early autumn. They are excellent subjects for a warm position indoors or for greenhouse or conservatory. When mature, the plants prefer neglect to coddling. Flowers four months from sowing. Sow in late winter or early spring in a heated greenhouse.

Streptocarpus – Dibley’s Dragon

A spectacular mixture. Dragon Mixed is a high-quality uniform mixture in a wide range of exciting and unique colours and patterns. Bred by Streptocarpus specialist and RHS Gold medal winners Dibley’s Nurseries. Sowing time: February to May. An ideal plant for any conservatory.

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