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Best foods crops to grow – getting through the Covid-19 lockdown

A guide to growing quick and easy vegetables during the Cov-19 lock-down. Make the most of your ve garden or window box. Also – how to store your vegetables.

Sowing seeds – A beginner’s guide

A simple guide to sowing seeds with the absolute beginner in mind. You don’t need green fingers, just follow these steps.

Growing Runner Beans [how-to guide]

An organic guide for growing runner beans in any size garden. How to get the most out of your crop and recommended bean varieties.

Exotic garden plants from seed

There’s nothing like growing your own plants from seed. Here are some exotic flowering plants to try this year in your tropical border.

A climbing courgette for small gardens

What really makes this variety special and lead me to make such a compulsive order is that it is a climbing variety of courgette. Yes, you heard me correctly – a climbing courgette!

Growing Courgettes

A growers guide to courgettes: Courgettes are very easy to grow and will provide you will a good, sustained crop throughout the summer months.

Growing Canna Lilies from seed

Growing Canna Lilies from seed is incredibly easy to do and will produce plenty of these tropical flowering plants in no time at all.

Three sisters vegetable gardening

An ancient and highly successful way of growing vegetables. The three sisters garden scheme is a balanced and attractive method that everyone must try.

Vegetables seeds to sow during July

Here are a few tips and a list of vegetable seeds to try during July. Fill those wasteful gaps on your allotment this summer!

Flower seeds to sow in July

July is not a month to be sitting on your laurels! Here is a list of seeds to sow and some practical advice to get the most out of your seedlings during this summer month.

Vegetable seeds to sow in June

June offers plenty of opportunities to fill those empty spots on the allotment. Here is a list of vegetable seeds to sow during June.

15 [Easy to grow] flowers

A list of common, easy to grow flowers for your garden this summer. For the first time gardener.

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