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Growing Streptocarpus plants (Cape Primrose)

The streptocarpus, or Cape Primrose is an excellent addition to any windowsil or conservatory. It will provide plenty of orchid-like flowers for much of the year and is easy to grow.

Hanging baskets for areas of shade

It’s not easy trying to apply a little colour to shaded areas in your garden, but you can with this selection of hanging basket plants.

42 Colourful flowers for your garden

Why not cheer yourself up this summer with an overdose of colourful flowers in your garden?

Garden flowers for bees

Bees are in decline in most countries around the world. As gardeners, what flowers can we grow to encourage these important insects?

15 [Easy to grow] flowers

A list of common, easy to grow flowers for your garden this summer. For the first time gardener.

Growing Helleborus from seed

Winter flowering Helleborus are surprisingly easy to grow from seed. A highly rewarding long flowering perennial – attractive in the garden all year round.

Growing Canna – what do you need to know?

The Canna is a very popular, tropical relative of the banana. With striking flowers and amazing leaves, it’s a good idea to ensure you’re offering the best growing conditions for your Canna.

Fragrant flower garden – sweet scented collection

A list of fragrant flowers for your garden. Scented plants for hanging baskets, trellis and pagodas, borders and pots.

Cool blues – flower garden

An extensive selection of cool blue flowers for your garden.

Fiery garden flowers

Warm up your borders and baskets this summer with a cheerful selection of fiery garden flowers.

Wild flower garden from seed

Growing wild flowers on barren patch of ground can be fruitful. A list of great annuals and perenial plants to grow from seed in your wild flower garden.

Tropical garden flowers

A comprehensive list of tropical flowers for your garden. Featuring hardy annuals, perennials and shrubs.

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