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Best foods crops to grow – getting through the Covid-19 lockdown

A guide to growing quick and easy vegetables during the Cov-19 lock-down. Make the most of your ve garden or window box. Also – how to store your vegetables.

Non-toxic plants for baby & pica friendly gardening

A long list of non-toxic plants to grow in your garden and on your windowsill. Keep your babies and children safe this summer.

Grow your own Рwhy bother? [An Expos̩]

Improve you health and happiness levels by growing your own vegetables on your allotment plot this year.

When to prune Weigela

Beautiful garden shrubs: Weigela. Variegated foliage and masses of foxglove flowers in shades from red to white.

Vegetables to grow in containers

As our gardens shrink, it’s a good idea to start growing our vegetables in containers. There are many benefits to this method of gardening.

Waltons polycarbonate greenhouse review (UK)

James Middleton’s review of an excellent and affordable polycarbonate greenhouse from Waltons.

Hayfever Reliever – Allergy treatment that actually works!

For my entire life I have suffered with hay-fever. I have tried everything. Now, for the first time in my life, have a summer free from sneezes. Red light therapy, Allergy Reliever review.

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