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During February 2011, after a long search for the right model, I finally decided to purchase a Polycarbonate Greenhouse from Waltons Garden Buildings. That weekend, whilst awaiting the delivery, I decided to go on a ‘garden-centre-crawl’ to look at other models currently on offer. To cut a long story short, I was horrified by what I saw.

Practically all of the examples of polycarbonate glazed greenhouses I found were not of a good standard. Some had not even withstood the winter and their frames were twisted, with panels missing or broken. This was mainly due to poor construction – thin aluminium frames with inadequate methods of securing the panels.

I saw clips burying and cutting into the polycarbonate. Poor connections between the panelling and frame allow moisture and moss to grow within the glazing. My heart sank that weekend. I nearly cancelled my order.

My Waltons polycarbonate greenhouse arrives!

Monday morning came, as did a cluster of bundled boxes containing my new greenhouse. I impatiently opened them to see if this model would make the grade. To my relief, the frame was a lot heavier and thicker than any of the others I had seen.

Review: Glazing in groove!

I was really impressed with the designed method for securing the glazing onto the greenhouse. Unlike the many examples I have seen, this greenhouse held the polycarbonate in via channels running throughout the frame. This means, no clips, no panels getting chewed up. This provides a secure moss-free connection between panel and frame.

I have to admit, it was a struggle to put up. The instructions were clear, but patience and precision is definitely required. You have to make sure all of the various beams and plates line up correctly. There are template widgets in the pack to help you. Even so, I did have to adjust the build a couple of times until it was right.

TIP: I would recommend using silver glazing tape when constructing the greenhouse. Place strips of it at the exposed ends of each panel to avoid moss, moisture and debris from building up inside the glazing.

I should point out, we haven’t had any big storms yet. I have spent a lot of time in my greenhouse during a blustery gale. The greenhouse didn’t even creek!

I now have a lovely 8×6 polycarbonate greenhouse in a sheltered but bright, south-facing position in my front garden. I have already filled it with this year’s bedding plants. I am not claiming that my polycarbonate greenhouse is the best in the UK, or the finest money can buy. It certainly is better than any example I have seen in other garden centres.

Weather update, December 2016 – Waltons Greenhouse still standing!

5 years on and my polycarbonate greenhouse is still going strong. I live in Dawlish, in South Devon. The storms of 2014 hit Dawlish very badly, destroying our railway and flooding out town. We even made it to global news. You may remember the images of a railway track suspended in mid-air?

During the peak of the storm, my greenhouse lifted 5 feet off the ground and moved to the other side of the garden! A single panel popped out. Although it was slightly creased, I managed to push it back in where it still remains, nearly three years on.

This is a tough little greenhouse and I couldn’t recommend it more. The only thing I have had to do over the 5 years is replace the roof panels. They became quite weathered and brittle. To replace all roof panels, you are looking at about £40.

All in all, I am very happy with my purchase and feel that it is money well spent.

If you are interested in buying the same greenhouse, then visit the Poly Carbonate Greenhouse page on the Walton’s website.

Update, June 2021 – Greenhouse still good

The remaining original polycarbonate sheeting is now starting to look a little long in the tooth and cracking in places. I will need to replace much of it at the end of the year. However, the frame is as good as the day I bought it over ten years ago! Very solid and no rust whatsoever. Great value for money.


I have just been onto the Waltons website and found that they seem to be no longer selling the same greenhouse in this article. This may just be for a season. However, they still have a great many greenhouses on their website, at great prices.

James Middleton

An obsessive gardener since 1982. Day-time job - web designer and developer and University lecturer.

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  1. James Middleton

    A quick note: It has been a windy spring, here in South Devon. My Waltons Polycarb Greenhouse has survive nicely…no signs of stress. It it in a fairly sheltered spot though, but all the same, I’m impressed. I’ve stood inside it during very windy days and the only creek I heard was the sound of my Bay bush rubbing it branches on the side of the greenhouse.

  2. James Middleton

    Just signing in to say – it’s now nearly a year since I put up my Waltons Polycarbonate Greenhouse. After sitting through several bad storms, it’s still standing with no signs of wear and tear at all! I’m very impressed.

    Now, I’ve got to get some scrubbing and cleaning done inside the greenhouse to make way for this year’s seedlings. Nothing like good greenhouse sanitation.

  3. James Middleton

    OK – we have just had a massive storm during the night here in South Devon. Loads of garden items have taken to the skies and are now in all sort places around ours grounds, including neighbouring gardens. But my Waltons Polycarbonate Greenhouse is still looking good! No signs of any damage whatsoever! Amasing! After lastnight, I feel quite confident in this product.

  4. James Middleton

    I think that this will be my final sign-in on this post. Greenhouse still standing and doing very well despite a terrible year 2012 of heavy and constant rain and high winds.

    May be I’ll report in again if it ever falls down 😉

  5. James Middleton

    Britain was hit be one of the worst storms since records began (Feb 15th 2014). I live in Dawlish…need I say any more? I saw my Waltons Polycarbonate greenhouse fly across the garden! The next day it was in a right state. There were bent panels and other parts had become unscrewed. I thought it was time to buy another greenhouse. However, I loosened things up a little and popped things back into place. To my surprise, the greenhouse looks as good as new. The bench polycarbonate panels just flex back into position. Very impressive.

  6. Taylor Ronald

    A greenhouse can be a great choice for protecting plants during chilly weather, starting new plants or raising high-humidity plants like cactus.

  7. James Middleton

    Absolutely! I keep all of my tender plants in the greenhouse overwinter. I live in Devon, so we don’t have severe winters. However, very tender plants will need to be kept in a heated environment.

  8. Dorothy Willatt

    My greenhouse Walton’s polycarbonate has been destroyed this year Feb 18 weekend I don’t know how to get it replaced. My insurance wants to know how to repair it but I can’t get the parts so honestly don’t know what to do. Help !

  9. James Middleton


    I am so sorry to hear about this. I have noticed that Walton’s no longer sell this model. A bit odd, because it is such a good product. I suggest you contact your insurance company again and explain that Walton’s no longer list this model or anything like it. Perhaps they will suggest that you choose a new model entirely? I hope it goes well.

    Best regards, James Middleton

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